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Founded back in 2010 with a passion for Cars, Shows and a strong ethos in giving back to local communities and charities is how we came about. 

From a group of like minded people who met in the evenings and weekends to growing into the great organisation that we are today has only happened with constant support, the same mindset as it was on day 1 and of course giving back by fundraising is a great bonus to us and all involved.

We work with a great group of local businesses who are our sponsors and of course in turn help us promote the events, fundraising and community we are.


Our team are normal, hard working individuals who come together to organise events, raise awareness and money to give back to the local communities and charities we are all living in or part of. 

We are all like minded individuals with a strong passion for anything automotive.

Meeting up regularly, Organising and taking part in Events or Shows and of course always being up for a laugh is second nature to our amazing group of regular committee team, valued members and supporters.

Of course we are always welcoming new faces and cars to the shows an events so please, always feel free to pop by the stands for a chat and say Fit Like!

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Here at TSG we raise funds and awareness to support local Charities, Causes and organisations. 

The money our team work tirelessly to raise during events and fundraisers we give back to local charities and communities.

This is a great way for our local TSG community to help others and something we have had as a strong ethos from the day we began. 

If you wish to find out more or have us help your charity or cause get in touch.

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TSG Car Line Up 2023 .jpg

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