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2023 Charity Donations

This year has been a difficult one for many people, families, businesses and of course Charities. With the general cost of living being higher it often makes is harder to donate however as we always say, every little amount - no matter the value - makes a difference to local charities. This is a huge part of why here at TSG we strongly beleive in support local causes.

This year we have donated a total of £3'953.75

We have supported the following local Charities & Organisations:

  • £1,928 to Befriend A Child

  • £1,477.66 to Cash for Kids

  • £100 to Men United

  • £50 to Friends of Anchor

  • £278.09 to Aberneccesities

  • Sponsorship to Grampian Ladies Football

To find out how we can support a local charity close to you in 2024 - Please get in touch or keep an eye on our social platforms to find out more nearer the time.

We want to take this oppurtunity to thank each and everyone of you who took part, supported and donated throughout 2023 to help raise those funds and support these amazing local Charities. Thank You

TSG Admin Team

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